i met god (not actually)

Birt 16 okt 2018
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  • ok that , jean haul montage was THE best one i have ever watched like seriously i was entertained the entire 4 minutes

  • 1:32 made me think of how 13 yr olds taunt john mulaney for his feminine hips. lmao

  • Seven jeans seven angels

  • i’m dying i just watched your most recent video of you on staycation and you mentioned your voice being annoying and you sound like a complete different person

  • by far the BEST modelling of jeans I have ever seen! I wish my legs could move like that! xoxoxo

  • was this rlly emma a year ago???? she has grown so much. i love her. lol she is still scared of eighth graders tho

  • Why can't you download any of emma's videos i wanna download them :|

  • This is hands down my favorite video from emma. I come back to it every 6 months or so. I literally choked when she went on her podcast a couple of episodes ago and said the “espetally Veentege wuns.” Then she said if you know where that’s from you’re a real one. Well emma, I am one of the realist. You already know I got that planner. Love you Emma I think you’re the coolest!!

  • They all look kinda the same

  • 8th graders are dumb bitches 🥰🥰🥰

  • As a eighth grader we are definitely intimidated my older grades

  • I mean god is a woman

  • "EnSpenCiAlLy VinTaNge OnEs"🤣🤣

  • we (not actually)

  • this is the best emma chamberlain video of all time

  • Omg an all denim wedding between mistery god woman and emma .

  • ROFL---this is so hilarious!

  • Her watching this: 👁👄👁

  • I guess Ariana Grande was right...god really is a woman.

  • so that’s what ariana meant when she said god is a woman 🌼🤡 ps. who’s binge watching emma’s videos bc you have nothing better to do in this pandemic?


    • for ur information she had posted on her instagram saying "no video this week"

  • little does she know the dances she's doing is basically one of the most popular dances in 2020 from tiktok

  • I felt like I was in an Old Navy commercial when you did your jean montage

  • The 8th graders vision is real

  • God is a woman😂

  • i just wanna know if she still has the jeans

  • 4:32

  • Wtf I cried

  • Wow those jeans are perfect!!👌🏼

  • she was just having experience, no one is god

  • She's my mom, she my grandma, she's my aunt, she's my friend, she's my mentOOr and she's my god

  • This video is 10:10 and a time number with the two of the same number is an ANGEL number 😯❤

  • since when are jeans comfortable espen-silly-vin-tin-tage ones

  • 2020 anyone?

  • weird flex but ok

  • *cries...*

  • i love my girlfriend


  • why's emma on her period in every video😂😂😂

  • God. Is. A. Woman.

  • Why is this on the flamingo scary videos playlist...

  • Someone putted this on a playlist called "flamingo scary videos".

  • It was your soulmate

  • This haul is everything

  • The woman watching this:👁👄👁 I just gave her Jean's wtf

  • who got to watche this cuz they watche flamingos scary videos lol

  • I met God before. Jesus came to when I was literally at my lowest and was about to commit suicide and since then He's changed my life completely and I gave my life to Him

  • I mean God can turn into all shape and form but I love how this earth gives a shit abt God and I genuinely love that like God is so underrated people need to give more fucking attention to him

  • It’s been a year and I’m still laughing bout this video. It’s one of my fave video’s of Emma

  • I never knew girls farted until I met you...

  • U always say I don't shower.and ur always dropping wolf bate.ur a wierdo

  • Talking about taking a shit farting and burp. That's been done already.i think ur funny.but that is nasty .

  • I was literally sitting here like "she better show all the jeans she got" and then I thought "well who am I kidding she's Emma of course she's gonna show us" and I saw all the jeans and I just flipped out over each pain because I want them so fucking bad and I really wish I new what store it was and who that lady was 😢

  • Especially Vintage ones, I couldnt believe my legs....oh man just dying over here😂😂😂😂💓

  • Your best video! ACTUALLY! swear to the literal GOD!!!

  • Your best video! ACTUALLY! swear to the literal GOD!!!

  • You laying down is actually really comfortable. Like We’re laying in bed and telling stories

  • Absolutely no sexual attracted where's your pheromones? I earned jeans with holes in them, because I made the wear in them, EMMA, you don't even dance enough to wear, the souls off your shoes?

  • or she was an angel

  • Ur a great story teller, I was captivated the whole way. Also the jeans look great!

  • Imagine her seeing this 😂

  • a group of powerful 8th graders LMAO! love you emma your my fav youtuber!

  • I found this video because of flamingo scary videos playlist

  • 5:33 i died 😂

  • Lmao but why is this in Flamingo's scary videos playlist?😭

  • who knows that is God shapeshifting into a woman cuz like no person on goddamn fucking earth would know you that well except God

  • absolutely love the haul montage it literally gives me life lmao

  • Espenchially vin tinj ones

  • This is the best story ever

  • this is crazy!!!!!!!

  • hi

  • I love how emma points out how she is not trying to hate on any religious beliefs. She is such a wonderful girl. I love you emma❤️

  • those r some hella nice jeans

  • Its 2020 and I am watching this and no idgaf im still laughing. Also imagine this. Ur just working in a store and someone makes a video like this about ur service damn that woman better got a pay raise

  • 2020 Yaaaaa .

  • is anyone else binging emma in quarantine lmao?

  • gOD iS a WoMAn

  • I just loved this video, i really laughed

  • I don't care if you don't belive in god what religion you are you do you or if you dont blive in god im a Christian that has a friend that worship the devil a friend that is gay i say they do them becuse there good people but if you say that you met god and thats your experience then you had some thing far form some thing with god by the way just so you know and i don't put my belief on other i think your just another ISchatsr that has no Morales and care about money so i would not let my kids watch you also you use cures word so your video need to labeled as not for kids or taken down because you tube has done that wrong fully to small you tuber but because you make them money i bet they wont do a thing

  • Your the perfect roll model not to be 👍 you don't know one thing about spirituality

  • this is the best youtube video ever

  • This vid is iconic

  • I like all the dark wash jeans on u!! Ur so funny btw

  • Jean genies?

  • this is the only storytime ive ever watched all the way through. love u emma ♥

  • Quarantine heeheeee. Sorry

  • Where can I ask you questions that you are gonna answer in video?

  • So you basically went crazy and call a woman a god wtf lol because she handed you Levi's?? Bruh you NEED to try out different things. If anything, I do share having had the belief jeans were shhitt but it too changed when I tried Levi's and OOMG, but, like, that's okay for a guy. You buy hella clothes but couldn't never tried Levi's? dang

  • idc if it’s 2020,,, this is still the best video emma has ever posted

  • every video ive watched of emma shes on her period and shes still being emma and that just makesher more of a legenddd like what

  • uhm the number 7 in the Bible is number of perfection and completeness. look it up it's true

  • Give Emma forty pairs of jeans: wow... that was a big vintage store

  • Ur not flamingo bc i saw u in a roblox video

  • 5:35 *when Emma turns into miranda sings*

  • She was really a GOD 🙏 those jeans were amazing!!! 😻❤

  • I think god sent you her😍

  • you met the god of jeans

  • conspiracy theories?

  • i always watch this video while cleaning my room i love doing that so much

  • *Clinching my asshole* 😂😂😂😂