what i actually do in a day.

Birt 17 nóv 2019
i did NOT go grocery shopping
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-emma chamberlain


  • It's spoopy season guys, yaAay

  • The way she said ' literally no one cares about ur motorcycle shut the fuck up ' was so funnnnny

  • nobody gonna say anything abt how she didn’t eat one thing till 5 pm and she decided on granola and almond milk

  • Why did I think that the workout class was gonna be on zoom😭

  • “I’d like to thank not only god but Jesus, and my mom” lmao

  • am I the only one who thinks her voice changed?

  • Emma: I gotta poop lol

  • Video starts Emma burps

  • Omg.. perfect ending

  • This might be boring for you but not for us.

  • Omfggg Emma is me eating tic tacs at once I love her moms laugh 😭😭❤️

  • Literally no one cares about your motorcycle 😂

  • She is so original like you can see that and that's why people love her so much

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love


  • Omg they sound like best friends 🥺

  • Saw u with a bag which is rare. Why dont you do what's in my bag video

  • Emma could legit just sit in front of the camera and talk for an hour and i'd watch

  • Dude u lip talk this the whole time u will say out on the town and it will look like u say hi my names Emma like common

  • I miss this emma

  • I love her mom bruh

  • Emma is like the Deadpool of the youtuber cinematic universe.

  • am i binge watching emma? yes yes I am because I don't want to do my school work

  • ...why did here eyes literally MATCH the mocha....wth shes GORGEOUS...i wish


  • I always wonder what she says when she beeps out anything

  • *No one literally no one* ME WATCHING her car move alone😆

  • i just know when she stopped the camera to listen to music she was listening to declan’s new album

  • Damn I’d be so tired like whattttt

  • 0:09 I wasn't expecting this....

  • Am I the only one who noticed she keeps her knee up while driving

    • yeah i think she has one of those cars that doesn’t need u to have your feet by the pedals all the time

  • Sophies's laugh >

  • Actually eating something other than matcha abs cereal will release your tension.

  • Who doesn’t eat anything until 5:30pm?

  • Love how she's just legit.

  • It played a commercial of her while I was waiting to watch your video😂 lol that’s cool

  • You can tell she’s a great person by the way her cat literally adores her. I’ve never seen a cat so loving towards their owner.

  • When she accidentally hit Declan with the bag at the end he said: 👁👄👁

  • the ad was about emma omg

  • please vlog a day in the life without coffee

  • 10:36 💔

  • I was watching this video then I got an actual ad with Emma in it.

  • People are so mean , I couldn't imagine emma literally begging for like 17 dollars in exchange for venmo and them just ignoring

  • - ( the modeling the dress at 2: 52 into Video was explosive ) . . .

  • I hate when she makes the slerp noise when she drinks something

  • is it just me or does emma's eyes look bigger than usual in this video lol

  • her mom's scream laugh was the highlight of this video

  • i love the bond emma and her mom have

  • dude you're amazing link wtf

  • anyone else rewatching her videos in quarantine because same haha

  • she reminds me of sommer ray

  • Wow you do so much in one day

  • 6:29 sounds familiar

  • Emma just had a mental breakdown tho 😂 Love you emma

  • Emma, don’t bother with drugs for acne. Try alpha hydroxy oil free. Works like a charm.

  • Lovely first world problems.

  • 12:23 Where did you get that top? I need it, it looks sooo nice

  • my recent emojis : 💕🤣😌⚡️👉🏽🤪😭✨😻💍😊😾✌🏽⛓😈👁😺😃😂🔪🥳👑🛍🤞🏽🥺🍊🤩👄👈🏽☹️

  • I love how she drives with her leg up 😂😂

  • HEHE

  • “Thank u gawd & jezus”

  • 9:47 love it!

  • She’s literally my spirit animal

  • Did anyone see how she drives?? With her leg up

  • Did anyone notice how she drives😅with just one leg and the Other on her set😂😂

  • “ I’m gonna take a poop” lmfaooo

  • She should’ve named the video “should I go grocery shopping?”🤣🤣

  • Does she not eat breakfast lmao

  • Who’s ur roommate and why do we never see them

  • It is sad what people watch and what is popular on ISchats..I guess being in my 20's I am too old for most of this..

  • I love her❤️


  • issa sUndAy

  • I keep emergency cash in my car at all times 😂

  • Wow. Saw a vid with her and Dr Mike and wondered who she was and found this.... why are these people famous??! Really don’t understand. Channels like this are making the world dumber... literally no useful/interesting/worthwhile content...

    • Sarah Otmanski She’s famous because millions of people find her entertaining. You are entitled to your opinion but questioning why someone is famous is foolish considering it’s obvious that her content is directed towards teens and they like her videos.

  • 0:40 issa sUndAy

  • emma is making me wanna have a cat

  • 3:46 no, we're fine

  • I love this blog because she handles everything so great ❤️ she is a true multitasker, we love you Emma, you are very beautiful

  • 9:08 to 9:16 is me

  • 12:56 whole mood

  • Emma buy the vehicle at home that has air conditioned seats, always take some cash. With you , just maybe $200.pp dollars

  • 9:51 tell me why she smiled like Colby Brock lol

  • She is sooo funny i cant hahahahha

  • eww I hate these stupid comments why did they move them

  • she only drank coffee and matcha and she ate some cereals so this is not even like 1000 calories probably

  • What app do she use for editing can someone tell me

  • where did she get her pants

  • 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • can't stop laughing! You're so funny.. I like the way you are!

  • Omgg her mom is seriously amaziiiinng my mom would never laugh like that with me

  • I love how the cat is on the stove

  • Muslims cap?

  • Your voice reminds me of Lindsey Lohan

  • That was a nice pitch and hook for the podcast

  • finally someone that is actually real about theirselves you never get a dose of that.😁💗

  • Emma: why do i have so much acne? Also Emma: *Drinks 4 pounds of coffee*

  • Mohi says I

  • I love the relationship emma has with her mom

  • EMMA please I need your help 😣, how did you get rid of your back acne?

    • shower every day