Birt 1 okt 2019
me and my bestie susan (the ceo) just hangin out or whatever
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-emma chamberlain


  • God : CORONAVIRUS Emma : 10/10

  • Who else is trying to grow their YT channel during quarantine. Let’s help one another. Much Love

  • this video gets better and better every fucking second literally

  • 7:44 - when i tell you my heart skipped a beat when I saw the pride flags- idk why i'm so happy abt that omgggg

  • Seems like YTHQ is babysitting Emma for the day while her momma is just there for the exp.

  • When yu get a coffee from the CEO yu know you’ve made it

  • "10/10 for ice"

  • no one: emma: 10/10

  • Emma: smothie: *cries in yellow*


  • this is youtube propaganda .... and it worked !!!

  • - 5:11 time into vid- reviewing youtube- best -emma close up - jus sayin -

  • no one gonna talk about how youtube has PRIDE FLAGS??? I approve

  • is it just me, or did anyone else notice that Emma knows ALL the hip slang?

  • who else is here in 2020???

  • 7:45 the pride flags brooo yessssss

    • Omg yes I loved seeing those

  • At 10:27 had me peeing my pants from laughter!!

  • this was almost a year ago

  • Emma- I feel like I have to whisper because everybody is like a business person and I’m a child. Anyways, look at this slide!😂

  • Wait you’re a barista? I’m a lesbian

  • i didnt know how bad i wanted to hear emma call me babe until this video

  • I want to work at ISchats LMAO

  • Sometimes I think Emma has a stutter lol

  • (Joined 1 hour ago or less or more) Thanks for reviewing! (6/10 chair) (10/10 other chair) (3/10 giant slide) (11/10 GREAT! drinks) (Best coffee) (best ice) {10/10} (10/10) a drink)( (Running exercise 9.00/10) (Dog 10/10) (Others /)

  • emma is in my town lol. this is up the street from me lol. her and i grew up in the same town.

  • why is no one talking about this iconic part 10:41 oh my god

  • emma never fails to make me luagh 10/10 love ya girl

  • 10:44 did i just see the prise tag 😂😂🤣?!?

  • Yo

  • how many coffees did she had??? lol

  • this was fucking amazing


  • the CEO of youtube really brought emma a coffee, now thats a power move

  • Thanks for the location,now we can call Raid on it! For a better internet also this was posted 9 moths ago but ISchats Became shit Relly fast (not your videos)

  • Those red chairs are supposed to spin all around and they are all around our malls

  • u never know how much is emma gonna rate things......she says she liked it then rate it a 6/10. > ~

  • its fun]hin orange>

  • I did the jump off the building thing and had no problems. I have since discovered I have depression.

  • .. it would be nice if youtube could explain WHY they take MILLIONS of views off of BTS music videos😑.. like ARMY deserves an explanation at the very least.

  • she rated the damn ice

  • youtube’s headquarters has pride flags 7:55!!

  • like how does she swear in front of her mom because i would get so told off if i swore like that

  • Emma I think you might be color blind that smoothie was yellow🤣

  • emma filmed this whole vid with the tag still on her jeans...

  • i love how she can make friends with anyone

  • i love emma more then god


  • i am the only one that noticed the pride flags 8:20?

  • This is awesome!

  • Emma flipping her mom off gives me major anxiety

  • i was dissapointed when she couldn't slide down the slide lol

  • i love her mom

  • 6:52 "you're a barista huh?" "I love you"

  • You have won in live when ISchats´s CEO brings you a coffee

  • Congratulations on 9 million

  • 10:29

  • Way to end it, WOW, nice!! so did you buy a VR set, sadly it is not very popular, but once you try it then it's awesome..... unless you get seasick or dizzy, then no, no good.... Just looked up why Emma got handed the drink from the CEO..... stats show Emma has almost 1.1 Billion views, so yeah, that's why! :)

  • people who is watching this in 2020 durante quarantine because covid 19

  • you’re amazing! you make people around you shine ❤️❤️❤️

  • wowieeeee i love this ha

  • I've been watching emma since 2017 and I loved her, despite the rumors and "tEa" about her I still liked her, and she came this far with 8.9 million subscribers and a tour of the youtube hq so luv u emma

  • !!!

  • imagine the CEO of youtube serving you coffee in their own HQ. Emmas livin that good life osrs

  • I had to take a break in the middle of watching this there is so much content in one video like a damn rollercoaster wtf

  • i have tryed to buy your merch and click the link and its just your coffee please help me idk what to do

  • stop it at exactly 5:00 please

  • What pleasure to see you smiling

  • All I saw was your face lol 😂 I wanted to see the ISchats’s HQ

  • hey my dermatologist is across the street from there

  • her voice reminds me of Sophia Bush

  • 7:55 the dog was like "did i do that?"

  • Why did I think it said 4viewing ISchats's IQ

  • PLEASE sub to my youtube channel!

  • This seems like such a fun company to bring about an authoritarian state

  • emma diciendo ñoqui

  • I loveeeeeee pickles

  • When she mentions dasani water

  • ISchats: Rate our HQ! Emma: this chair is wobbly make it better

  • no one: emma: i love EGGS AND PICKLES

  • I love how Emma feels free to cuss in front of her mom.

  • corona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Supposedly they have snacks I'm sold

  • is anybody going to talk about the part where she said i thought i was going to die

  • Emma: so I'm in the google office Uh Emma wut

  • “I think I wanna move in”

  • Emma is from San Carlos

  • Nobody: Emma: *screams while playing VR* Dont worry Emma, me too XDDDD

  • pause at 1:31 youtube has pride flags hanging up!!

  • can u get sponsored by youtube 🤨

  • Is there a tag on her pants or is it just me 💀

  • Nobody: The beginning of Toxic: 2:17

  • I’d this USA or UsE nvm USA

  • I love this video cuz she’s so happy

  • She has the most positive energy ever

  • her voice cracks

  • you getting multiple lattes at the same time blows my mind every time

  • How can someone with such a filthy mouth have so many subs u should be ashamed of ur self

  • ~starts haveing a mental breakdown about a massage chair~

  • she literally got hand delivery from the freaking CEO of youtube..... like wtf???

  • i started this with my airpods on full blast. ouch