WHAT I DO IN A DAY *at home*

Birt 22 apr 2020
i don't really do much
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-emma chamberlain


  • Emma freaking out abt having a screen time of 7 hours: Me who’s screen time is 10 hours: 👁👄👁

  • Urs is 6 mine is 11 lmao

  • Emma out hear just saying the truth about what almost all people do, LOL

  • “Bitch I’m up” 😭😭😭😭

  • I got so exited when she said that she uses pizza sauce too, my family thinks its gross.

  • anyone else here because of the fake ari video

  • I just heard the podcast "advice session #1" and i didn´t realice that this video was post 6 days later LMAO

  • 3:22 😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • I'm here after that fake video of Arianna

  • She's not a youtuber shes a STORYTELLER and a cinematographer

  • Just saw this same video but like Ariana grandes face was deep faked into it

  • Wait there was this girl that sounded liked u and looked like Ariana grande and it was the same video lolll

  • Now I'm sad because Ariana isn't back to vlogging

  • 1:12 Why did she punch the air lol 😂

  • just searching this after saw the ariana one

  • Just arrived here from the Ariana deep fake 🤩

  • i can't watch this now without seeing the ariana video

  • Umm Ariana Grande?

  • I forgot I watched this video until I saw her workout routine

  • HeRE iS tHe SItuAtIOn

  • i cant be the only one who saw ariana grande's face in emma's vid wtf?

  • 8:37 imma be completely honest I hate that stuff so fricken much last time I had it I almost vomited the breakfast I never even ate up-

  • Ariana Grande brought me here


  • Why don’t you do a house tour

  • Emma burps me: yess

  • Legends portuguese (Brazil)

  • Is anyone here from that fake Ariana Grande morning routine video?

  • when she thinks 7:30 hours is too much and then there’s me with 9 hours per day 3:15

  • Came here after the Ariana Grande parody!!!!

  • I knew it was this video

  • I’m here from the Ariana Grande parody thing. I still don’t get it...

  • Why did she sound like jojo when she said 2 and three quarters

  • OMG ella es la chica real detrás del video al que le pusieron la cara de Ariana Grande 😳

  • Guys look! ischats.info/fun/pJmQoqVlemR9hIw/v-deo

  • así que no era ariana grande....

  • this is weird I just watched the ariana grande version

  • Who’s here after that fake video of her with Ariana filter

  • 14:16 that sound gave me ptsd

  • i saw an ariana parody over her face and it’s freaking me out until i watch the original

  • I'm here for the ariana grande's video

  • PoOr eMma: Washed her face off after doing a SheetMaSk💀

  • who’s here from the ariana grande parody? scarred

  • Who is here from that Ariana ''morning video'' ?

  • Emma with 7 hours of screen time a day .. me with 14 hours a day

  • Anyone here from the Ariana Grande a Day in life parody 😂😚😘🤣🤣😂

  • Jesus loves you ❤️

  • Emma is showing you that even tho she has what she wants ..she is human after all with all her imperfections that she doesn t HIDE ... unlike other youtubers and that s why we love her and wish her the best in her career

  • Emma : ”We don’t deserve dogs or pesto” Also Emma with 80 cats

  • Hold up- Emma your mom is beautiful 🤩. I see where you get it from 😘

  • she reminds me of jojo siwa sometimes...idk why...she just does

  • Watching your videos is saving my sanity right now. So, thank you for that 🧡

  • can someone tell me where her bedding is from lol

  • i love how emma's day was interesting yet she did nothing lmao

  • I'm 10 and I drink 3 coffes a day so yea my life is like yours

  • This video just called me poor in 7 different ways

  • I feel like her “me editing” she hold her phone with her feet

  • 7 and half hours, oh mine likes 10-13 hours...

  • Who’s gonna tell her the she us actually very pretty???

  • Emma makes me want to drink coffee

  • I identify with your relationship with your bed 😆😆

  • you should play dress up lmfaoaoaoa (edit:) i'm serious

  • Emma: I need to stop cursing Emma ten seconds later:fuck

  • are we not gonna talk about how fortnite is her only game

  • the non boujie toothbrush god i love her

  • the beginning is the same as casey neistat haha

  • Doesn’t pizza sauce=marinararara?

  • not her acting like 7.5 hours is bad that’s me on a good day

  • U can never get bored while watching Emma 💗💗💗💗



  • Emma is so impure it's charming

  • my mom loves your videos i think that should be a big flex of yours (i also love your videos😎)

  • still waiting for a house tour sis

  • 3:23 lmao 😂😂😂

  • Let's just have a small moment of realization ISchats's literally talk to a camera

  • Emma:screen time is 7 hours every day Me:laughs in literal 24 hours of screen time 👌

  • 9:25 is her workout yw.

  • Am I the only one that got the ad that Emma was in?

  • House tour

  • its the fact that an ad...with emma on it popped up in emmas video, period.

  • that random moment you have the same jumper as Emma

  • I wanted to check some of this out to see what's up with some of these YT stars......It's the most Nothing .... It's really sad for culture in our society that stuff such as this is what buzzes. It's like people need these virtual friends to hang out with. There's nothing informative or even entertaining that I can see.

  • 14:22 Emma is angry

  • 2:17 lol

  • its so trippy when editing emma tells us not trust other emma

  • Her house looks so comfortably cold I love it

  • emma’s complaining about how she has lazy days yet i’m trying to figure out how to have my day like emma’s

  • "humans don't deserve dogs and pesto" doesn't emma have cats and said she's a cat person? (not hating, i love her!)

  • um my screen time is 10 hours and 33mins average 😐

  • I just started watching Emma. I love her channel so much b/c she reminds me of myself. She is not like other ISchatsrs 😂💓💓

  • I love this girl lmaoooo

  • 13:07


  • Does she listen to girl in red cause I highkey have a crush on her

  • Heh my screen time is 13 hours....


  • 10:09 wtf 😂

  • Why does emma remind me of me? Like first of all I can’t ever be asked to do much except watch ISchats videos and play fortnite and then I’ll only get all fancy and dressed up when I want to. Our lives are extremely similar! Apart from the fact that she’s famous and I’m a nobody with 1 friend and I’m sure imma be a high school dropout for sure 😂

  • i’m watching emma then a ad comes up and it’s emma doing a bliss ad video?!?!?! 🤯🤯