Birt 1 mar 2020
i try it, so you don't have to
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  • omg you'd love the options we have in India (a predominantly vegetarian country).

  • I have celiac disease (gluten free) which is an autoimmune disease and I kid you not it’s so hard to find gluten free buns or anything gluten free anywhere! So I feel Emma when she says vegetarians get no love.🥺

  • Woah, You beat GMM to it

  • watching people talk face to face without mask during quarantine is soooo weird

  • De

  • 👇 Who else is a vegetarian?👇

  • omg the way im watching this when i’m hungry asf

  • Can you do more food videos thanks

  • "i don't give out 10/10s often" *reviewing youtube HQ video flashbacks*

  • Emma you should try different Indian foods....

  • Emma: “I’ve been really social, I hope this lasts” 2 weeks Later COVID: Too bad

  • Veggie grill has veggie burgers

  • go to burger lords in highland park ; best grilled cheese and veggie burgers

  • hopefully I drive by you sometime ; thats a Mercedes right

  • get a tint 😂

  • I'm a vegetarian!

  • Carl’s Jr. in my Country it’s Hardees

  • Omg..... I dare you to eat a regular burger. I'm just saying this out of boredom. So have a cow cause I'm kinda a bad ass!

  • Hiiiiiiiiiii. So emma if you have ANY hoodies that you dont wear anymore then....... GIVE THEM TO MEEEE just send me a message on insta @creative_classic10 im just asking cause i loveee hoodiesssssssssss and i only have like 5 so yeaa plus one of them got small R.I.P 💀

  • 4:04 wow really what is the point in that, that has to be the saddest burger I have ever seen and she said it doesn't taste bad wtf lol I'm sorry but to eat that is crazy

  • 0:33 yess

  • Theres no way this was 6 months ago

  • Boring

  • does anyone else workout bc they think ab fast food lol

  • do ice cream next time

  • should’ve gotten five guys’ grilled cheese. it’s SO good

  • she pushing me to be a vegetarian :)

  • ischats.info/fun/j9GDlGeSanhmmK4/v-deo

  • Is that LP's earring she's wearing?

  • why does the mcdonalds burger with no patty look just like the mcdonalds burger with a patty, lmao.

  • get a normal burger at in n out with no burger and both kinds of onions

  • LeTs gEt hEr tO 10MiL

  • she reminded me of kian and jc w the i’ll try stuff so you don’t have to. knj: we do the stupid stuff so you don’t have to

  • look how far shes come from this 6 months later🥺

  • i love how genuinely amazing emma is like shes so funny and shes always just being herself. you do you

  • The hamburger and cheeseburger only come with one pickle 😂

  • Ok I don’t know if this happened to anybody else but after she postmarked the Carl’s Jr. veggie burger and said “definitely comparable to” it cut to a Donald trump ad😂

  • KFC has an amazing veggie burger!

  • Am i the only who likes to watch emma eating

  • Yes be the new non pedophilic Shane Dawson with the food videos

  • Imagine a employee from five guys watched this video

  • in our mcdonalds they dont have a veggie burger but they do have a vegan option! it’s a bean burger

  • Legit its only

  • How is she a skinny queen and she eats fast food i im chubby and I dont even eat fast food- im ✨jealous✨

  • Do a ad came up with Emma doing a ad about bliss on her video that’s weird

  • why do i love watching emma eat food

  • Bruh u eatin tamatos

  • me watching this as i eat a fat steak .

  • The veggie burger front the habit Smacks so much, just add avocado it makes it so much better

  • emma: I don't wanna remember IHOB, it was a fever dream also emma: *filmed IHOB mukbang with the sister squad* I wonder why she didn't want to remember.....

  • Oml gurl when you said I’ve been more social and hanging out with people GURL WHEN I TELL YOU I Gagged GIRL I DID

  • Frankie staring at the camera at 12:37 made me shiver ☺️why is no one commenting on the penny wise look she gave us??😅

  • Yes Emma! I love this because I don't eat meat at fast food places and this was so helpful. Also your trader joe's reviews were a lifesaver too - the chocolate chummus is killer! More food reviews please 🙏

  • that was weird when you went to mc donalds and they didn't had veggie burguer because here in Portugal they do have a veggie burguer

    • and the burguer king has the impossible whopper and a bean burguer

  • I‘m so upset. The BurgerKings in Germany don‘t have the Impossible Whopper because we don‘t have Impossible beef here.. 😩

  • The amount of times she says fuck

  • Dunkins has a beyond sausage sandwich as well as wraps

  • Emma! Have you tried the veggie patty from subway?! It’s one of my favorites I’m not a vegetarian and I would willingly pick the veggie patty over a meat! That’s how good it is!

  • A&W & KFC have the best veggie burgers hands down.

  • 1:23 you looked angelic 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • PlEaSe Be OuR fOoD cRiTiC

  • To whoever who is a vegetarian just for environmental/ animal rights purposes and not for biological reasons, please don't waste any food and just eat it even if your order is wrong and has meat in it.


  • Emma: sorry for the bad lighting The Lighting: making her look like a goddess

  • How tf doesn’t McDonalds have a veggie burger

  • bruh as a vegeterian who wants to go to america this was helpful but also like what? how does some places literally not have a veggie burger thats like a basic thing

  • India has a lot of vegetarian food. Come here Emma and you can stay at our house :)

  • We have have a “fast food” drive through where I am and they only have vegetarian and vegan foods. There’s only one place. You can also get their vegan macaroni and cheese and veggie burgers at the store 🤗

  • Jaywalking in the parking lot?!

  • Get a grilled cheese at in and out

  • wtf mc donalds has a vaggie burguers here in brazil.........

  • I just realised that Burger King is hungry jacks in my country’s 👀

  • They have veggie burgers at the McDonalds in UK

  • Subway has veggie patties


  • I'm on a roll to listen to every taste test video emma has ever done

  • White castle has the impossible burgers too

  • I would describe myself as a practical vegetarian, I like McD's Filet-O-Fish and BK's Impossible Whopper. There's no Carl's Jr. in my town.

  • why the hell most of the burger kings in Barcelona don't have veggie burgers? Like, it fucking sucks.

  • I live in Canada and the Wendy’s next to my job has a veggie burger

  • I lowkey thought my internet wasn't working on 5:43 my reaction went from 😳-☺-😂

  • The Burger King one isn’t vegetarian it’s literally cooked in the same thing as the meet, they just say it it

  • McDonald's in Germany has a veggie burger and it's super delicious!

  • It’s the 🧚‍♂️dirty mirror🧚‍♂️ for me😌

  • Emma: thats why- thats why- thats why Me: THATS WHY THE LADY IS A TRAMPPP anyone who knows the song? Frank Sinatra? Anyone? No? Just me? Alrighty then..

  • I am Lactose Intolerant, so I feel you saying that not all restaurants have GOOD vegan food. I'm not vegan, but I cannot eat dairy so when we go to restaurants the only thing that I can eat is a salad ;-; add to the restaurants people!

  • What about Jack In The Box

  • Where´s the vegan gang at? Soooo quick tip. There´s this app called HAPPY COW that I´ve been using for the past 4 years as a vegan. It basically shows you every vegan/vegetarian restaurant nearby (: love ya x

  • They 100% had veggie burgers in McDonald’s and Wendy’s they’re obviously just a pain in the arse to make 😂😂😂

  • She says she doesn’t like tomatoes yet she eats the tomato💀💀

  • what is wrong with mcdonalds, really? they did not even give her any lettuce or tomatos or pickles????????? just ketchup mustard and what? onion i think? that's just embarrassing tbh edit: i just watched a bit more of the video and it's not an onion it's a slice of pickle. still, you're embarrassing yourself ronald.

  • get a normal burger but take the meat out and put a hash brown in

  • When Emma said “BrO wHaT aRE yOu DOiNg” I said “StEp BrO”😏

  • Is it just me, or did Emma sound like “Hannah Montana” in the beginning 💀

  • you should do more of these🥺

  • I like the way she sit when she is driving lol

  • Before I watch her videos I just don't understand why people hype her and I try to watch one of her videos and now I understand and obsessed . Girl you pretty, smart and kewl 🥺 I wish to be like you 💕♥️

  • they have veggie burgers in macdonald in singapore

  • I love this is food video and I love FfFffFFFffF That

  • Me eating a hot dog watching ur video👁👄👁